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30.400 BD 76.000 BD
توصيل مجاني لمملكة البحرين و السعودية و الامارات


22.400 BD 56.000 BD

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Necklace VIE OCEANE Rose RO

Mysterious creatures from the depths of the Ocean - Sea Anemones swaying in the underwater waves, revealing all colors with every gentle movement... 

Discret Elegance : the necklace VIE OCEANE Rose, with its  length of 45cm, carries stones with shades from bright yellow over French Rose to deep green.

All in 925 Sterling Silver, generously Rose Gold plated, covered by a protective anti-tarnishing coating. Each ZEADES item in Sterling Silver carries the official 925 mark, and is also stamped with the brand's Registered Silver Hallmark.

  • metal : 925 Sterling Silver
  • finish : 18ct. Rose Gold plated
  • embellished with semi-precious stones Tourmaline
  • all stones are polished by hand