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Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Back in 1944 a family owned business came into being in Bahrain’s Manama Souk under the name of Al Zeera Store. The idea was to be exceptional, to offer some of the most unique, and renowned watches in the world to their clientele on the island.

For a quarter of a century Al Zeera offered the finest Swiss watches including some of the most luxurious timepieces of the age. It was the place where watch enthusiasts came to indulge their fantasy, an institution that they knew they could trust because, over the years, it had served them faithfully and honestly. 

It was a tradition that continued until 2011 when, with the new millennium well under way, the management saw fit to give Al Zeera Store a new direction. With that, came new life, new blood and a fresher, more youthful vision. One that gave somber elegance a twist, adding a smile to service that was already acknowledged as helpful, sprinkling love and care into the mix while building a reputation that was more in sync with the age, under an umbrella that brought all these ideas and emotions together, joining them on a broad pathway to the future… Boulevard

75 years of accuracy

Today, more than 75 years since it first opened its doors to the public, Boulevard carries on the family tradition of delivering superior watches with brand names that reflect luxury, a lively sense of fashion and trendy accessories that appeal to a dynamic clientele, one that demands quality and value, friendly service, and a personalized shopping experience.

This new expression of a timeless tradition is…